Neshamáh Company is a business dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our clients through massage. We are actively looking to create partnerships with other businesses to provide amazing offers. We would like to offer a 30-minute neck, shoulders and back massage for your employees. Massage gives many benefits for your company such as:
Improved well-being for employees
Increased productivity following massage
Improved employee morale
These will all lead to better results for your company
Through our partnership you can demonstrate that your company cares about its employees and acknowledges the need to invest in well-being and quality of life.
Productivity is increased with massage by reducing physical and emotional fatigue, preventing stress, boosting self-esteem and raising concentration levels at work.
The partnership pricing for a 30-minute massage is as follows:
Less than 10 clients per month 30 Euros each
10 clients or more por month 25 Euros each
We look forward to working in partnership with your business and promoting this fantastic offer to your employees.
Phone: +351 91 340 71 85
WhatsApp: +351 91 340 71 85
Address: Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca nº81C
(between the Marquês de Pombal and the Rato)
General opening times:
Monday and Wednesday: 2pm to 8pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 10am to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday and holidays Closed
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